Printer Power hookup guide

How to use your Printer Power for better thermal prints.

This document is a work in progress!

Choose a power supply

Connect your printer

CSN-A2 printer from Adafruit and SparkFun

Printer Power with 2 3-pin JST connectors

Nano printer from Adafruit

JP Panel Printer

Printer Power with 5-pin JST connector

Printer diagnostic test

Printer self-test print page

Connect to Arduino

GND, RX, and TX connected to Arduino

Powering Arduino

VH used to also power Arduino

Advanced: Use the screw-terminal adapter for power supplies with incompatible connectors

Advanced: Adjust the VH voltage

multimeter measuring the 'test' pads on Printer Power

Buy Printer Power for $9 USD on Tindie

More about Printer Power ✨

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