Printer Power

Printer Power Printer Power with 5-pin cable attached

Makes thermal printers work better! If you have a printer from eg. Adafruit or SparkFun, this is for you! It solves your power problems :)

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What is it?

It’s a DC-DC converter that works with 9–24v power adapters. The power connector is a 2.1mm barrel jack, same as Arduino, and the printer connections support both 5-pin and 2x3-pin JST connectors.

Why did you make it?

I teach workshops with thermal printers, make a lot of art with thermal printers, help other folks make stuff with thermal printers, and it is really very hard to find power supplies good enough to work well with thermal printers!

What makes it special?


Printers we've tested:

Printers that don't work out of the box:

Buy for $9 USD on Tindie

Hookup guide ✨

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