Privacy policy

We don't have a cookie warning because we don't use cookies at all and we don't use trackers. We just want to run workshops and classes – our aim is to collect and store the bare minimum information we need to do that.

We do use some third-party services to make everything work, and unfortunately some of those services add tracking that we can't turn off. Here are some of the services that we use:

We do not use any Google services to operate this website. We operate Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but they are not loaded on this website – you're only subject to their tracking if you visit us on their respective platforms.

We may ask you to sign a photo release if you show up to our events. It's optional! If you sign it, we may use photos of you on this website, our social media accounts, or in other kinds of promotion. These photos are really helpful for future participants to see what our events are like.

This document is a work-in-progress and may be incomplete. We're working on it. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.