Intro to creative tech

December 16th in Toronto: Binary Solo

A creative tech workshop

In this workshop we'll discover what the 01100101s of binary *actually mean*, and how computers use them to store and transmit messages for people!

We'll decode a famous "binary solo" from a song, edit some code for Arduino (an electronics platform for interactive projects!), print out our own binary messages with thermal receipt printers, and think critically about the social effects of the assumptions built into early computer systems.

If that sounds like a lot, don't worry! This workshop is geared toward beginners, so you don't need a coding or electronics background to be here :)

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Community-sponsored (free) seats are available: just check the box for financial assistance. If you would like to sponsor a seat, get in touch!

Being able to write my poetry into binary/hex and then print it out was incredible and really rewarding.

—Ky, July 2018 Kingston workshop

Safe & inclusive environment

We strive to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone. Our policies are adopted from the Recurse Center:

You'll come away with:

Finally, we believe that good food is a critical part of a good learning environment, and we've got you covered with tasty snack breaks and a nutritious lunch.

I felt accomplished at the end :)

—Jocelyn, July 2018 Kingston workshop


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