Occasional General Meeting

Celebrate our first half-year, share some food, and talk about what's to come in 2019.

Thanks everyone for coming and calling in!


Hello! Thanks for coming to the first Ones and Zeros OGM! (or for asking for the notes if you weren't there).

Important things first:

  1. Add your availability for a first meeting about the Sidewalk Toronto Workshop Series Mini Course Discussions Thing That Needs A Better Name, if you're interested in that!

  2. Your availability to talk about next steps for TTZ – Toronto Tech Zines, and add any zine-makers you think may be interested (you can add yourself here too!). Sheet view (hard to share an editable version unfortunately)

    Let me know if you want to be involved with these but can't necessarily show up in person in the next week -- we can either call you in or keep you in the loop with meeting notes.

  3. Any feedback you had about the meeting itself, or anything, even this very email!


Alright, so 15ish of y'all wonderful folks came or called in to Paperhouse Studio a week ago for this meeting! Amazing! Thank you! Here are the slides (which don't have a lot of info on them but hey).

Here were my key takeaways from the meeting:

Binary Solo Workshop

With those in mind, here are my next steps with this workshop:

Sidewalk series mini-course